In the research process we realized that many of the active ingredients that alter the balance of the environment also affect the balance of our skin. For example, preservatives are very safe and essential to guarantee the stability of the products we use daily, but they are not so safe in contact with the skin or scalp because they eliminate the microorganisms that protect them naturally.

We learned that we are all different and that many substances that are perfectly tolerable for most people can sensitize or cause allergies in the skin of others, so we decided to do without any active ingredient recognized as an allergen or likely to cause skin irritations in our formulas.

So we developed a formula that is short on ingredients and respectful not only of the environment but also of our skin. We had to make some sacrifices: we gave up fragrances and preservatives, aware that they can be highly sensitizing and that their continued use can cause allergic reactions on the skin. And from this research and discard work, our criteria when choosing the ingredients for our products were born and consolidated.



Of the different existing alternatives, we always choose the least toxic for aquatic life.


Of the different alternatives, we only use those classified as “Easily Biodegradable” and among them, those that degrade more quickly.


We use whenever possible ingredients with Ecocert / Cosmos certification (of natural origin) that allow us to obtain an ecological label that takes into account parameters such as toxicity for aquatic life and biodegradation.


We only select ingredients with no known skin sensitization or allergy issues. Due to these criteria, we had to reject very mild surfactants such as betaines and glycosides as well as controversial surfactants such as those containing sulfate.


Zero plastics.


Substances rated 0 or 1 on the comedogenic scale of 0 to 4 (this scale measures the effect of ingredients on acne).


All selected ingredients should be stable when formulated at a pH of 4.5 to 5.5 to keep hair firm, strong and shiny without the need for silicones.


The final products must pass a dermatological patch on volunteers with sensitive skin carried out by a certified Laboratory with final scores less than 0.25 on a scale of 0 to 4, and therefore considered non-irritating to the skin.


We choose not to use fragrances to avoid possible allergic reactions.


We choose not to use preservatives as their effectiveness as a bactericide and fungicide can have adverse effects on the natural organisms that protect our skin.