We specialize in sensitive skin care

All products have been tested by dermatological laboratories and declared Non-irritating and Suitable for sensitive skin.

Sensitive scalp, itching, dandruff or oily hair?

Do you have a hard time finding products that help you with these symptoms?

Some ingredients widely used in cosmetics can be irritating to sensitive skin, such as sulfates or preservatives.

These ingredients can cause irritation, sensitivity and allergies that result in itching, pimples, hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp.

Difference Thaïs Camila vs other brands

Other brands

Solid Products without Plastic Packaging

Dermatologically tested

No Irritant Ingredients, Preservatives or Fragrances

pH adjusted and according to the skin and hair

Own manufacturing and formula control

Low toxicity and rapid biodegradation in aquatic ecosystems


"Rapid Biodegradation after use"

Reduced Toxicity Formulations
for aquatic ecosystems

Quickly biodegradable

Recycled Packaging

Non-accumulating Bio