In 2018, my brother Pablo and I created an environmental education program that shortly after we began to teach in schools. we saw
It is essential to raise awareness among the youngest about the impact that our daily activities have on the environment and educate them on the idea that
We all can and should do something about it.

The last session of the workshop consists of making pills
solid shampoo for the children to take home. The goal of this class is to show you that every day you are going to have to choose your way of
consume and that, therefore, it is in your power to help reduce the global environmental footprint because ultimately the total impact is the sum of all the individual impacts. We are all involved. We are all responsible.

It was as a result of this last session of the workshop that we realized
realized that we did not know of any solid shampoo whose contribution reached more
far from reducing the use of plastic in packaging and we began to wonder if we could develop an effective formula capable of reducing the impact on the
environment and especially in the marine environment.

We note the impact that each of the assets exerts on
algae, fish and invertebrates.

And while we worked we realized that many of the active ingredients that alter the balance of the environment also affect the balance of our skin. For example, preservatives are very safe and essential to guarantee the stability of the products we use daily, but they may not be so safe in contact with the skin and scalp because they can alter the microbiota that naturally protects them.

We learned that we are all different and that many substances that are perfectly tolerable for most people can sensitize or
cause allergies in the skin of others, so we decided to do without any active ingredient recognized as an allergen or susceptible to causing skin irritations in our formulas.

And another factor that is decisive in promoting skin and hair care is the pH of the products. The skin, scalp and hair have a slightly acidic pH, which if altered, hinders the sustainability of the microflora of our skin that protects us from other pathogens. The pH of the products is therefore very important to have healthy skin and strong, shiny and resistant hair.

With a lot of work and the help of specialized laboratories
We develop minimalist and respectful formulas not only with the environment but also with our skin. We had to make some sacrifices, true. For example, we renounce fragrances and preservatives, aware of their potential as sensitizers and that their continued use can generate allergic reactions on the skin. And from this research and discard work, our criteria when choosing the ingredients for our products were born and consolidated.