Sustainable cosmetics

Environmentally friendly from its origin to the degradation of its waste.
“Small changes that have a big impact”


Thaïs Camila

Sustainable Cosmetics

Thaïs Camila was born from a need to find hair care cosmetics for those who are looking for gentler products for their skin.
Our main objective is to create products that are as effective as the best shampoos or
conditioners but focusing on hypoallergenic, ingredients, which have never been identified (or recognized) as irritable for our skin. 

It was clear, from the beginning, that we needed to create environmentally sustainable products that not only didn’t contain any plastic but that the ingredients we used were as biodegradable and less bio-accumulative as possible. You can never be sure the treatment that the water used in the shower receives, but this way you will at least know that you are contaminating as little as possible.
Below are some graphics where you can compare how the different components usually used by the cosmetic industry and the ones used by us affect the skin and the environment.

We want to present you with a graph that makes a laboratory comparing the different surfactants usually used in cosmetics.

The surfactant used in our products is Disodium cocoamphodiacetate, the least irritating compound on the list.

On environmental sustainability, we wanted to go further, and it is not enough for us not to come in plastic packaging, or that the ingredients are not of animal or petroleum origin, we wanted to find which ingredients have the least toxicity once used and put in the aquatic environment.

We want you to see this table, which shows some of the most commonly used ingredients in cosmetics, and what their toxicity is in the environment after use.

As with the graph above, some of the most environmentally toxic compounds are commonly used in cosmetics.

Let’s take care of ourselves, take care of our environment.

With information we can decide what we buy based on our values.

Thank you for trusting us and seeking sustainability in your daily habits.

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